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1 BTC = 48979.86USD | 1 XMR = 202.68USD

Who are we?

The Orange is a darknet place that gathers all trustworthy darknet sellers in order to fight scams and provide high quality services to different types of users (sellers and buyers). It is open to everyone as long as they keep their activity harmless to all other individuals.
Our services are provided in total anonymity and security.
We do not accept any items related to child pornography.
We surpervise all transactions that happen on the platform and we are not responsible for anything that happens elsewhere.

Why use our services?
MarketOther marketsThe Orange
FeesHigh fees and subscriptionsNo fees for buyers
1000$ one time payment for sellers (+1% fee for withdrawals)
Security & TraceabilityRisk of exposure of dataAll data is encrypted and protected by different layers of security.
Users can choose to delete all their data at any time (messages & orders) at their own responsibility.
Scam preventionRelying on old inefficient methodsWe use different order methods like Multisig transactions, Escrow.
Our team supervises and confirms all transactions.
Payment processingInsecure paymentsPayments that go through our wallets are automatically mixed using our own mixing service that involves different services on the clearnet to escape all traceability. We guarantee your security as buyers and sellers.
Our algorithms make it impossible to trace any transaction.
Extra servicesNoneSecure payment processing
Bitcoin mixing
Integrated escrow service
Dead drops
Dropshipping (soon)
How do we guarantee sellers wont scam?
  1. We offer different types of selling methods: Escrow, Multisig & FE.
  2. Delivery has to be confirmed by tracking (unless mentioned before payment).
  3. All digital product delivery has to be made through our platform (Buyers can delete the data once orders finalized).
  4. All feedback is checked and verified in order to provide buyers with realistic reviews.
  5. Our team works 7/7 to solve issues and provide refunds to buyers in case of non delivery.
  6. We check on every order and provide support during the process at all time.
How does it work?

These are the steps of how it all happens:

  1. Seller add their products.
  2. Buyer orders product.
  3. An order is created linking the buyer with the seller.
  4. Buyer pays for the product using our payment processing system.
  5. Seller prepares order and provides item or tracking info.
  6. Once an order is validated by buyer or 14 days have passed. The order is marked as FINALIZED.
  7. We circulate funds and mix bitcoins in order to prevent traceablility.
  8. Seller receives funds to his bitcoin wallet.
  9. Buyer can delete all the data of the order.
  10. Optional: The buyer can provide feedback to the seller. (Some sellers might offer bonuses for buyers who rate them the next time they order)

What happens if a product is not delivered?

These are the steps of how it all happens:

  1. Funds are blocked.
  2. Buyer receives back the amount he paid.
  3. Order is marked as CANCELED
  4. Buyer can delete all the data of the order