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1 BTC = 49194.26USD | 1 XMR = 203.46USD

1gx super strong synthetic china white
Price:145.00 USD
Seller location:United States
Ships to (seller):REG
Ships to (product):Worldwide
Quantity in stock:898
Dead drop:No

About the product
The product is Synthetic China White
Really strong. Super strong actually because unlike other vendors or plugs we wont cut it. Straight off the brick.
Great for reselling. USERS BEWARE.
These prices are introductory and might go up or down depending on many variables and factors.
If you need bulk: contact us here

What are the ingredients?
We cant disclose that but the active ingredient is a really strong opioid.
Im used to your pressed M30s, will this be stronger?
This is not a yes or no question. Depends on your habit and other variables. Generally though, yes.
Can it be snorted, smoked, IVd?

Background Information
We have been vending on the darkmarkets since Alphabay. We stopped for a while for moving operations and upgrading OPSEC, which forced us unfortunately to open a new account to start off again with no issues. We have more than 4 years of experience.

Shipping Information
We care about the quality of our stealth and take it seriously. We cant give out too much information. However, basically we are running on smell and visual proofing systems at all time. We also consistently upgrade and improvise.
We will do ship drops every 24-48 hours depending on how many orders we are handling at that moment.
We only use USPS, NEVER signature required for your safety.
We do all orders with tracking but for OPSEC purposes we will not give it out unless theres a dispute.

General Info
Orders without PGP encryption might not get accepted.
Please message anything you have on your mind regarding our products and/or services! We will try to answer your messages in less than 24 hours!
Please refer to our profile for more information on stealth, PGP, F.A.Q.
Got questions? Feel free to message us at anytime
Refund Policy
-If an order shows that it was never sent or we had an issue on our part:100% refund or reship
-If an order shows that USPS lost it in transit (not returned): 50% refund or reship.
-If an order shows Delivered, Returned, Waiting in PO for pick up: 0% refund or reship.

Comments (40)
l************: Awesome experience - I've purchased multiple times from SD and every time the shipping is fast, the product is fire and great communication if you ever have a question. Best and most reliable vendor I've come across on any of the markets in a long time! This batch is particularly strong - super stoked on it. Thanks again!!
c************: Thanks for the superfast delivery.
l************: I highly recommend this vendor! Just as reliable as always - shipping super fast (about 2 days) and this particular batch is strong af. Great for smoking and nasal spray. Thanks!!
g*********: Perfect once again, my go to. Delivery time is out of this world, strength is great, vendor comms are excellent. 10/5 Stars
i********: sd1218 is the most reliable vendor around Product is always good Shipping is always quick with good stealth Top notch all around professional
m**********: Received, high quality as usual, ordering more as we speak. Always happy with this vendor, no one competes.
k******: Just fucking wow, Finally after deciding to visit my old friend H, All my old vendors were gone. so I gave this a try, from all the good reviews and his amazing comms, figured why the hell not... AND WOW!! Super strong! Can hardly notice a difference. And tbh, I think i like the buzz of this better than the pure stuff, but YOU are all in good hands with this vendor!! 10/10 comms, 10/10 speed/stealth/shipping, and a great product!! Cant ask for better!!!
e*****: Super fast shipping, very strong product!
a*******: Fast and strong saved my ass thanks
b*******: Fast shipping good stuff will order again
j***********: My man coming through again with every product i've received from this vendor 2 days t2d and potency is quality
h**********: USPS was a bit slow but SD dropped next day. As for product, if you're used to 60mg of sosa or mc, start with 30. Stupid fire as synth usually is. This is CDVEN x class level. Be easy. 1 critique if I may. Final bag should be resealable. Be back soon.
i********: sd1218 has a seriously no shit express shipping option with 48 hours to my doorstep AWESOME product AWESOME service AWESOME all around My goto vendor for both china white and oxy presses Smoking the china white hits like a sweet tasting donkey punch
h*************: No comms were needed. Fast ship, great product, great stealth and slightly overweight. In sd1218 we trust!
d***********: 2DD Fire china. Muscled .035 and imffeelin good dab
l************: Excellent product & fast shipping as always! I highly recommend this vendor especially if you're looking for a strong product! Thanks again!
s*********: Good as always!
t*************: Good product. Fuck Whitehouse. Will be back
d*********: Most reliable and consistent vendor on any market that I have found so far. Any shipping lags are solely USPS, not vendor. Excellent communication, product, shipping time - and again, reliable. I've used this vendor many times on several different markets and have NEVER had one issue. The same can't be said for 99% of the other vendors I have tried - that goes a very long way in my book. 10/5 ++++++
i***********: I never FE. But I did today. It's about this vendor's professionality. The shipping speed is impressive. I have no doubt the quality will be the best available. Many thanks to the vendor, and to future customers my strong recommendation. Be well you guys
b***********: amazing product amazing fast shipping will be back asap. Thank you
k********: Fast shipping. Great product. Fantastic vendor.
k********: Great communication. Fast, discrete shipping. Fire product as always
h***************: Good quality shipping time was plenty adequate. I’ve used this vendor on other markets and seems to be a fair vendor. I’ll FE in the future when I see it is sent.
m**********: Strong, fast, perfect.
p***************: high quality. strong. good taste. communication was not needed. shipped fast.
l************: awesome shipping speed and very good communication! had a very small issue but it was resolved very professionally and right away! Thanks again!
e************: Thanks!
s*************: sd is consistently the fastest shipper I've dealt with in years and everything fully deserves 5 stars. It's safest to make a nasal spray with this. The first time I ever got his stuff I started out with 2.5mg per spray, so 250mg was mixed with 10mL of water in a nasal spray bottle that provides 0.1mL per spray. I found 5-7.5mg to be a good dose. Tolerance goes up very fast though. It lasts 30 minutes to an hour, and I find it less enjoyable than most other opioids. But it's still plenty enjoyable and great for pain. Despite the effects being short it's so potent that it always lasts me longer than any H I've had recently. So it's definitely worth the price. Truly 5/5
m**********: Perfect as always. recommend to everyone. worth every penny and potency is incredible. be careful at first and ween off, it is strong and withrawls will come from just a 4+ day binge. very very sastisfied, i've placed probably 10 plus orders with this vendor over different markets and never been let down. Thanks as always. Again anyone questioning weather its worth it, IT IS. Thanks again, look forward to my next package and continued relationship.
l************: I don't have a lot of experience with what I call 'the darkness' this being my second time order with0ut being too specific1) go 2) slo...... Thank God I ordered the other if I hadn't, chances are I wouldn't order anything else. I definitely wont order so much of of the next one, three g's at once is to much for a BUST. I-Unfortunately, this super strong was quite the opposite. On the 1-10 scale i give it a low 7 (being generous because I have nothing to comapre it too) I know I can get WAYYYYY better he in my local city and with a way better price ($110). I will say it arrived in only 3-4 days.
l********: 5 stars to sd1218 as always! 0 stars to USPS
1*****: Excellent stealth, fast shipping (arrived in 2 days), quality - may be the best I've ever had.. Fantastic!!
l************: SD doesn't disappoint - product arrived a few days late due to USPS but stoked it came relatively quickly considering the circumstances with the post office. However, the product - in terms of quality - was totally worth the wait!! Was happy to see the potency at top level, which is usually the case. Best vendor on the market in my opinion. If you're on the fence about trying this product, definitely do yourself a favor and give it a shot! Great for smoking and shooting up too. Thanks SD!!
c********: Came in less than 5 days GREAT PRODUCT!
f*************: Great Quality product. This Vendor knows how to be professional forsure. 100% Reccomend. FAST SHIPPING NO WORRIES!
s*************: Although it didn't ship as fast as Sd does sometimes/often, it still went out within 48 hours and was professionally packaged as usual. The quality is also as good as usual, which means it's extremely strong and you should be VERY careful using this. What you might consider a bump could be way too much. I seriously recommend starting with no more than 5mg and going from there. I usually take 5-10mg through a nasal spray solution. I've tried vaping it off foil but I wasn't very good at it, I might try again and keep the lighter much farther away cause I was wasting a lot of it by quickly burning it up. I might also try making a vape juice. Anyway, out of all the opioids I've tried this isn't the most euphoric or my favorite one, but it's by far the most potent and definitely worth the money. It also requires being more careful with the dosage than any other opioid powder I've encountered. The best way to do that is to create a volumetric solution.
o*********: Finally recieved pack after usps took their sweet time. (no fault of vendor) Well i dont know exactly which analogue this product is but its definalty a strong one. You dont actually have to volumetrically dose it, you can snort baby lines or throw some on foil. The taste of the smoke is a lot like smoking east coast powder, but just a little harsher. It has shorter legs than real heroin but it makes up for that with its potency. anyway my only small issue is i would like to have gotten it in a resealable bag. other than that i give the dope 5 stars.
t*************: Excellent product. Shipped immediately. Will most definitely order again soon. My favorite opiod on the dark markets.
b************: Came in 2 days which is always amazing. Product is perfect and as described. Its also scary strong so if you are looking for a fast shipment and amazing product definitley give this a shot. My new go to vendor easily.

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