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1 BTC = 48908.88USD | 1 XMR = 202.83USD

3.5g - 100g pure platinum mdma 92% uk
Price:0.01 USD
Seller location:United Kingdom
Ships to (seller):REG
Ships to (product):Worldwide
Quantity in stock:999935
Dead drop:No

Our Dutch Champagne MDMA is synthesized to perfection using only the best PMK oil and lab tested at an amazing 91% Purity. The same amazing quality MDMA is used in our flagship pills.

Take small doses at first
Check our bio.

Comments (33)
c***************: Excellent Vendor, High quality product, great stealth. 2DD when shipped.
o**************: 7 DD and excellent stealth. not tried it yet but tested high/very high on the EZ test
h************: NND Honestly DCUK is amazing! Even tho it's FE couldn't trust another vendor with my money.
h************: All on Rock which I asked for! Brilliant vendor 100% recommend!
m*******: 4DD, good stealth, good quality, good weight
h************: Best looking MD I've had off these guys, order off these guys if you're looking for a consistent plug.
j******: best I've ever had, good stealth as well definitely gonna order again
c*****: Super fast delivery and well packaged. Will buy more in future.
t***********: 7DD - but the product looks fantastic - not tried yet, but looking forward to trying it.
h************: 10/10 Quality! Never disappointed.
t*****************: 3DD, great stealth, product tested as expected.
c***************: Very happy with my purchase as usual, high quality product and delivered quickly despite it being so busy during the christmas period! Ordered products together and recieved all in one package which is perfect. Many thanks again!
h************: COVID slowing the deliveries down but always pulls through!
j******: order didn't come within 7 days so i contacted the seller & he reshipped the full weight. Couldn't recommend more. haven't tried yet but it looks just as good as last time. ALL ROCKS. the only seller i trust for quality MD on darkode.
r*********: He never shipped the product ...please dnt waste money on tis vendor ter are many good vendors on this market
c*****: excellent delievery, arrived very quickly and it is proper stuff.
h************: Arrived on the 23rd after Royal Mail's cut off on the 21st thought it'd come after Christmas but pulled through.
w**************: Arrived 6 days, spot on weight and stuff is really good. Thanks guys
r******: NDD. Fire product!
b***************: Great Product, been with this vendor forever now and always delivers.
a******: The MDMA from DCUK is consistently nothing but the best
h************: Sadly not big rocks like normal but still good quality.
h***************: can see why hes a top seller, came fast and was on point! will definitely use again
r********: thank youj top class a++++++++++
r********: thank youj top class a++++++++++
q*************: Grade A* thanks guys
h************: Amazing quality like always!
p************: 3DD bang on weight, looks nice and clean! would recommend.
r********: thank you so much
c*****: 5 star vendor as usual, I have had plenty of orders and every time it arrives super quick and is either on or above weight. Order two products and the same time and came with a day or so.. The quality is Top notch. I dont need to go anywhere else for MDMA or Green now.
s*********: Top seller. Fast delivery, great stealth, perfect customer service. Recommended.
s************: 4 star gd stuff good timing good vendor would recommend

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