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1 BTC = 49074.77USD | 1 XMR = 202.93USD

kern diazepam 10mg x 30 tabs + free 5 xanax
Price:33.00 USD
Seller location:Worldwide
Ships to (seller):Worldwide
Ships to (product):Worldwide
Quantity in stock:870
Dead drop:No

Kern Diazepam 10mg x 30 Tablets Valium 1 Box + FREE 5 Xanax with each box purchased.
100% genuine 10mg Diazepam. Each boxed containing leaflet one strip of 30 tablets as pictured direct from Spain pharmacy hence low price.
NOTE: Diazepam price is based upon the quality of each product.
If you are unsure which of three Valium to purchase, Kern is the best, direct from the pharmacy with original packaging, inner leaflet and external box I can then at request provide a sample of one or two additional Diazepam listings which are provided without all or part of the original packaging as listed and reflected in the price. All exported securely unblistered
Details within my terms and conditions.

Comments (49)
l**********: great and fast
b******: Grate pills first class ,best on here so far..
k**************: Not delivered
l**********: great as always
l****************: Sorry for delay n feedback, DDOs issues, phenomal seller as well, no better seller than monoko.
s**********: cheers got the kern diaz,i ordered 50 xanax a few hours before,just hope they land monday, also ordered A BOX 28 acivis before you realized they were fake,am i entitled to a bit of a rebate ?be nice,i been using you for 5yrs+,cheers
b**********: Product bang on and very quick delivery. V happy. thanks
r********: Perfect as always from monoko
r********: Perfect as usual for monoko. King of the benzo
a*******: Great service
s*************: Easy and quick transaction.
k*******: used vendor across multiple platforms.. guaranteed first rate service every time A++++
s**********: ndd all good as per
r********: Perfect as always
p*******: Very happy
p*****: Excellent, Thanks!
o*******: Everything is always perfect with monoko, fast deleviry, good quality product, neat packaging and greatest vendor!
t*********: id have given more stars if i could. great vendor
x***: 1DD perfect as always.
m*********: 10/10 NDD best vendor on markets.
q**********: The diazepam itself is great. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thanks my dude!! The free xannies are obvious fakes, I just hope they're reliably dosed and clean! (Tested one and they seemed to be ok)
r********: thankss! came all good :)
a****: NDD. All as ordered and stealth packed. Will use vendor again. :)
h**********: Bang on can't remember a thing though
s***********: 10/10 as usual. This team has been around for so many years now it's crazy. Always the same quality, yes the bars aren't the strongest but if you're not an addict like me they will hit you. Thanks for the 5 free xans. It's exactly what it says on the tin! Thank for the Special NDD as well. I'll be back very soon for more!!!
y*******: another great result, will use again
e*******: Never arrived. Contacted seller and he did not respond. Contacted again and he first provided me with a tracking number that was not even for this order. Refused to offer reship. Nightmare to communicate with.
s***********: NDD is amazing with how fucking bad Royal Mail is now. You the best fam. Product as described!! I feel all warm inside :)
o*********: As always, super fast delivery, very stealth, and high quality items - thanks Monoko, you have made a very honorable name for yourself, I have never had any problems. Thanks :)
t*********: Great trustworthy vendor, received and all as advertised very happy with transaction
o************: No complaints
t***************: 10/10 again from meand tank you for tye freebies as well.
a*********: top seller rapid postage very happy cheers kid
d*********: Top service as I've had of other markets. Ordered after cut off time still got the next day, but would advise getting it in before there cut off time. Thanks
r********: THANK YOU SO MUCH
f***********: Fast delivery, legit product
f************: very fast and good q thanks man trust.
p**********: Total fakes! I'm a long time benzo user. All MONOKO's are FAKE! His Activis are fake, maybe a bit of benzo mixed with the rat poison. These last ones total fake, including the 2 free zanex! NONE of any recent orders have been real from Monoko. Going into benzo withdrawal is enough proof I'd say. Bloody good fake packaging, almost. These kern diazepam - look at the tablets! Also any benzo that turns your tongue blue are fake, that's the food colouring. I used to use Monoko coz he had special delivery. He USED to sell real tablets, way back on Empire. If you want to buy fakes that will arrive Express Saturday Delivery then this is your guy!
t**************: NDD - discreet Good product including original packaging. Unfortunately the xanax that were included were crumbling and one was missing. I will still give 5 stars but would appreciate if this could be corrected - cheers
a****: next day. great stealth. everything in original boxes including leaflets. excellent vendor.
a********: Quick easy payment and delivery within days
m*********: 5/5
i************: Brilliant service, 5 Star!!
m*********: NDD as always. 5 extra xans too. Number 1 vendor right here. 5/5
d*********: As per usual, top notch vendor, the product is exactly as described including the handful of freebies. Would highly reccomend and will be returning! My one request would be blister packed Xan as an option, but that doesnt take away from the 5/5 this vendor well deserves.
c************: Amazing as always. NDD!!! thank you
p********: 1DD - great product and appreciate the extra xanax - trusted vendor
p**********: FE for a trusted and top vendor

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