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1 BTC = 48917.41USD | 1 XMR = 201.63USD

speed paste high strength 10 grams
Price:33.00 USD
Seller location:United Kingdom
Ships to (seller):Europe
Ships to (product):Worldwide
Quantity in stock:9904
Dead drop:No

High Quality Untouched Speed Paste from Oil
A favourite amongst old skool ravers
High strength speed, use caution as this is stronger then anything you will find on the streets
We Do Not Reship Unles You Can Prove Your Parcel Was Seized Do Not Order Unles You Understand You Do So At Your Own Risk

Comments (46)
h********: Good Product, Sorry for late release, product was delayed in mail then I was on vacation for a week
t*********: Cheers mate
w*********: sent quickly. NNot tried yet but all looks good.
m*******: As usual, top service! Top notch quality, price and quick delivery. This guy never fails to delivery! :)
b**********: 2DD. I will follow Vanillasurf to whichever market they go. The service and product are never a let down. Thanks gang.
m*******: Nice quality!
m*******: Top service! :)
m*******: Quick delivery and top service! :)
w********: ok
m*******: Excellent quality and quick delivery! A+++
m*******: Top service! A+++
b**********: Fantastic. GREAT PRODUCTS GREAT service
t*********: Always reliable and receive every single order over the years. Many thanks.
m*******: Top gear and service as always! A++
m*******: Great quality and top service as always! A+++
l*******: all good, top product,nice stealth, weight on point and fast ship, ordered multiple times,is alway easy going
b*************: Great service as always on every market. Cheers mate
b**********: Perfect. As always.
c*******: Order arrives in 2.5 weeks, very bad seller product cut with caffeine and other stabilizers, bad experience. passed your way very dear friends
m*******: Top quality and quick delivery! A++
a***********: Amazing seller. Always NDD, always great gear, always great stealth, and always great communication (if needed. which is very rare). Can't recommend highly enough.
g************: NDD and awesome paste, respect
n*************: Shipping was fast and on weight. Quality is great, will order again!
g******: fast delivery and great quality product, thank you
a******: Very good
c**********: great as always
m*******: Top service and quality, well chuffed! A++++
s*********: ndd great
m*******: Top service! A++ :)
s*******: thanks bro lovely dry speed also overweight ty!
c********: A++ very quick & top quality thanks
a***********: Perfect every time. Thanks dude.
b***********: Ist ganz okay,netter stealth ;-)komm auf jeden fall wieder,danke...
m*******: Well happy, excellent service and quality! :)
g************: 2nd order. ordered Monday morning. had it on Thursday morning. and again quality speed paste, very strong buzz :)
c*****: Nice , quick delivery too, good stealth, on weight
c*****: All good stealth fine
e********: 2DD, always spot on gear with these guys. Just ordered another batch from them, can't fault them really.
d**************: First time buying on here but fast as always (from dream and empire), somehow always manages to get it ndd even if you order at like 2pm. Would recommend
p**********: Good
t*********: Great seller, always happy with quality of their product, consistent shipping times and always responds to any queries, hence why I'm a long-term customer.
t*********: Great vendor, don't bother looking elsewhere!
b***************: All very good!
b***************: All very good!
m************: Superb would highly recommend
m*******: Top service, very happy! A++

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